Yet another nicely done TED presentation, which show animations of biology and DNA. Check it out!  I wish they have the long version that walkthrough all the animations and explain how things work.

We have no ways to directly observe molecules and what they do — Drew Berry wants to change that. At TEDxSydney he shows his scientifically accurate (and entertaining!) animations that help researchers see unseeable processes within our own cells.

If you are not familiar with what 3D printing is, this is a good presentation by Lisa Harouni on the subject. 3D printing will certainly change manufacturing and how we get small things created for home. For now, it is still not very affordable. MakerBot’s Thing-O-Matic is still selling $1099 USD. Link. Hopefully it’ll be much more affordable in the near future. E.g. if I like a particular pen design, I can make a ton of them in various colors, or to make my own memento.

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