To get inspiration for what I do day to day in Enterprise Architecture and R&D, I actually like looking online for architecture and interior designs. Looking at elegant designs and layouts just give you the energy you need.  No matter if it is modern or old-style, if you look hard enough you can always find new ideas.  Sometimes I wish enterprise and software architecture can inspire outsiders.

All Saints Chapel in the Cathedral Basilica of St.
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Here is a list of sites with good portfolios in architecture, hope you will get inspired as well:

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FlowingData‘s recent post – 7 Visualization Groups On Flickr to Find Inspiration – is worth reading for those who like to get new ideas on data visualization techniques and examples.  The seven groups mentioned in the post are:


  • Info Graphics [link]
  • Guardian Datastore [link]
  • maps and charts [link]
  • WebOps Visualizations [link]
  • Diagram Diaries [link]
  • Cool Data Visualization Techniques [link]
  • FlowingData [link]

Check it out!

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