Romo, shown in the video, reminds me of the Tamagotchi from the 90s. Some may spend countless hours with them. Hobbyists can spend time playing, write apps for this, and connect & control the robot remotely. These mini robots are just good fun for the kids and family, and not expensive. Well… other than that you do need an iPhone or iPod touch.

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Kindle the eBook 2.0
Image by jurvetson via Flickr

After reading this post – Why I Hate E-readers, and Doubt They’ll Ever Hit the Mainstream – from Fast Company, I odd to agree with the writer’s thought on ebook readers.  I think that at this point in time, any mobile consumer technology with a single function will not survive the growing marketing.  In the last few years, mobile devices and their capabilities have converged.

Although Amazon‘s Kindle reader benefits the needs of book readers in terms of removing the amount of books they carry, how many people really have the time and the ability to read multiple novels within let say a week?

From the technology and design perspectives, why would people spend $300+ on a devices which only good for ebook reading?  When for about the same amount of money one can get a 10.1 inch netbook and is able to do all the other stuff like IM and web surfing.  I’m sure there are people who like to use their Kindles to read, but that seems to be a niche market.

With Safari books online and other e-book services available on iPhone, I think ebook device is already a thing in the past.

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