Well, I really don’t know how long this list will be, but here we go, this is my Things to Do (Before I Go) list:

  1. Visit Australia (Done Jan 2009)
  2. Visit Rome, Italy (Done May 2014)
  3. Visit Vatican (Done May 2014)
  4. Visit Madrid, Spain
  5. Visit France
  6. See at least 1 show of Cirque du Soleil (Done Dec 2009)
  7. See at least 1 show of Avenue Q
  8. Visit Africa, but not sure which part yet
  9. Learn to fly a plane
  10. Road trip – Great Ocean Road in southern Australia (http://www.greatoceanrd.org.au/)
  11. Willingly to retire early
  12. Scuba Diving
  13. Buy a house/apartment within 20 meters from a high quality beach
  14. Invent something that will benefit all mankind
  15. Learn to play more than 3 music instruments
  16. Learn to make more than 5 desserts
  17. Go to a proper and high class Bed and Breakfast
  18. Learn to shoot a gun at a gun range or club
  19. Meet Charlize Theron in person
  20. Meet Gina Carano in person
  21. Prepare a 6-course meals for friends and family at least once
  22. Learn how to ski
  23. Learn how to snowboard

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